Is there a doctor here

So far, there have been two occasions when the call ‘Is there a Doctor here‘ come for me in a non-healthcare setting. Recently, I was on the concourse at Paddington station one evening, returning from work via the train from Southall, and just about to catch a tube home, on the tannoy a call was made for any Doctor’s to attend an emergency at one of the platforms. I heard the call and headed immediately to the platform, I was able to assist and spent an hour with the patient and station staff, and then safely escorted the patient to St.Marys Hospital A&E in a wheelchair and handover appropriately.

A long time ago, I was on an Air India flight to New Delhi, and a call was made on the plane speaker for a Doctor, I duly raised my hand up to alert the Air Hostess that I was indeed able to assist, she advised me not to worry, as another 11 fellow passengers who were Doctors had already raised their hands on this Air India flight!!