Publications List

2012 – 2023

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Contributing Author NWL DIABETES GUIDELINES 2015 – 2020.

Policy for Community-Oriented Integrated Care. Thomas P, Chandok R, Calamos L, Colin-Thome D. 22nd July 2021

Community-Oriented Integrated Care (COIC) provides a vision for society where people of all backgrounds contribute to the health of whole populations. We can think of it as whole system integration for Health and Care where everything comes together through geographic areas of about 50,000 population. Policy promotes cycles of collaborative learning and coordinated change within and between these areas, to facilitate organic emergence of innovation and social cohesion, developing ‘flat’ inter-organisational relationships and systems-thinking. Within the activity, different stories and cultures are valued; trusted relationships are built through deep listening, shared vision and collaborative projects. This is different to traditional hierarchical approaches to policy.

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